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stsadm runs slowy

Posted by mundeep on October 21, 2008

Ran into problems in a virtualised (vmware) sharepoint environment where stsadm commands would take a long time to run (upto 30 seconds for a simple stsadm -?) when running under my account but it would run fine (couple of seconds) under a different user account.

After scratching our heads and trying to determine if any security groups where missing from my account (and the other people this would happen to) we  narrowed it down to occuring only on machines where we did not perform the sharepoint install.

This didn’t really help solve the problem but some googling bought me to Mark Rhode’s blog where he explains that the problem is usually due to stsadm trying to query crl.microsoft.com before executing – hence our issue being that internet proxies where not correctly setup for some users.

The simplest solution to the problem is to correct the proxy so the environment has internet access. However for those that don’t want to (or can’t) open their virtual environments to the internet, Mark has a couple of other suggestions (such as adding a host entry for crl.microsoft.com pointed to  Paul Horsfall also explains how he found the problem using Ethereal and then used proxycfg.exe to setup his proxy.


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