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Installing SQL Server 2005 Management Studio

Posted by mundeep on November 23, 2007

For some reason Microsoft decided to ‘hide’ the installation of the Management Studio in 2005. In Sql Server 2000 you simply choose to install the “Client Tools” only. For SQL Server 2005 to just install the Management Studio as a standalone you need to browse to the “Tools\Setup” folder underneath the SQL Server install folder (eg. in my case of an English 64-bit install “DVD-ROM:\ENGLISH\SQL2005\DEVELOPER\SQL Server x64\Tools\Setup”) and execute “SqlRun_Tools.msi”. The Mangmenet Studio is part of the Client Tools -> Management Tools.


14 Responses to “Installing SQL Server 2005 Management Studio”

  1. geertdcod said

    How can I install SQL 2005/2008 management studio without any other client tools (VS, BOL, …), including all component required to perform connections.


  2. mundeep said

    geertdcod, simply follow the instructions i mentioned above and it should install the management studio for you without Visual Studio or BOL.

    If you have problems also see the following post on why the client tools sometimes don’t install:

  3. zohreh said

    Thankyou so much and I hope you to be the most happy person in the world be cause you solved my problem:)

  4. Daniel said

    I found the SQLRun_Tool.msi file on the second CD of SQL Server 2005. However, I wasn’t able to install it it gave me this error message :-

    0:Watson 1:1807 2:StreamSupportFiles 3:getBootStrapDirectory 4:3
    5:t:\yukon\sql\setup\darwin\sqlcastub\catarget.cpp 6:100 7:sqlcastub.dll

    When clicked ok after that another message displayed :- “A valid destination folder for the install could not be determined”.

    I tried it on two different machine with the same error. Please help?

  5. Wayne said

    I spent all day today receiving the exact same message as Daniel above. I would love to know what it’s referring to — I could not find a “…\darwin\sqlcastub…” path anywhere. Anyone have any ideas?

  6. laputa said

    my company use sql server 2000,but i love sql server 2005/2008 management studio,how can i install it only?(without download the full sql server 2005)

  7. yetayeh said


  8. Mark said

    I ran into the same error, and it turned out to be UAC. I started a command prompt with “Run As Administrator” and then kicked off the tools installtion from that cmd prompt instance and they installed without any issues…

  9. Cesarrq said

    Just perfect!

  10. Beau said

    Thanks Mark!!

  11. Anonymous said

    I spent days tring to find how to install sql server management studio 2005, this is where I found the correct answer. Thank you!

  12. Anonymous said

    Muchas gracias. tuve usar el manager express y no sirve

  13. Rich said

    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE) is a free, easy-to-use graphical management tool for managing SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services.


  14. Vinh said

    Thank you!!

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